Camera Ready Instructions

The instructions to prepare the camera ready copy are the following.

  1. The paper must be formatted in strict accordance with Springer's LNCS guidelines specified at:
    Please consult the guidelines in detail -- this requires more than just selecting a style file.
  2. The paper must be no longer than 12 pages, including references. This is a hard limit.
  3. Submit (i) a camera ready PDF, (ii) an archive containing all the electronic files needed to compile it (source files, images or graphics, etc.), and (iii) a PDF scan of the signed copyright form, as explained on the Springer LNCS site. Without any of these three items we cannot include your paper in the conference proceedings. Please submit all files in the conference system at

    When filling the copyright form, for the field "Title of the Book or Conference Name" you shoud use "Proceedings ECIR 2013", and for the field "Volume Editor(s)" you should use "Serdyukov et al.".
  4. Acceptance for the conference and/or for publication requires that at least one of the authors must register for the conference. You or one of your co-authors need to register for the conference BEFORE 8 JANUARY 2013. Papers none of whose authors have registered by 8 January, 2013, will not be published in the Proceedings, without exceptions.